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A life more wild by C&S

A Life More Wild - Our Podcast

Come on outside! A Life More Wild is a series of wild walks with fascinating people, transporting you to the great outdoors and helping you connect with nature through their unique perspectives.

In series one, we'll go on the trail of ravens with birdwatcher and equality campaigner Mya-Rose Craig (AKA Bird Girl), forage in the woods and cook on the beach with River Cottage’s Gill Meller and leap into some very cold water with adventurer Sian Lewis.

We’ll also be bringing you the stories of the people behind some of our most amazing places to stay, from the Cumbrian man who stuck a camper van to a bus, to the couple looking to turn back time on their land in Cornwall with an incredibly ambitious project including the reintroduction of beavers to the UK.

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Our series 1 guests 

Episode 1: Mya-Rose Craig

We meet Mya-Rose Craig, an avid bird-watcher and president of a charity she established, Black2Nature, which campaigns for equal access to nature for all.

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Episode 2: Gill Meller

Gill Meller, a chef and food writer who developed his philosophy at River Cottage, tells us more about his passion for simple, seasonal cooking and takes us foraging in Dorset.

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Ruth Allen - a life more wild podcast

Episode 3: Ruth Allen

Ruth Allen is a psychotherapist, trainer and writer who specialises in outdoor practice. We meet her in the Peak District, where she is based, to talk more about nature’s potential effect on our mental health.

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Sian Lewis - a life more wild podcast

Episode 4: Sian Lewis

Sian Lewis is an award-winning travel writer, blogger and speaker who is dedicated to finding happiness outside and championing easy adventures that beginners can try.

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Billie Marten - a life more wild podcast

Episode 5: Billie Marten

Billie Marten is a singer songwriter from the rolling hills of North Yorkshire, where the outdoors and nature have inspired much of her writing.  

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Episode 6: Megan McCubbin

Megan McCubbin, known for her appearances on Springwatch, tells us about spotting an otter’s dinner, the hearts in a butterfly’s wings and growing up with barn owls in the bathroom.

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Episode 7: Dr Alex George

We stomped round Richmond park with Dr Alex George as he explained his own past trauma, how he ended up in his current position and pointed out the strangest place to find a kite.

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